Digital Tools

ETools tip:

Did you know??  If you know the SmartPoints value of a food or a combination of foods because you eat them all the time, you can go to the orange circle with the plus in it and then click on Quick Add and just add the item in with the SP value you know to be true.  For example if you ate it for lunch and it was 6 SP (2 for one item, 3 for one item and 1 for the last item), you could add it as “lunch” 6 SP and track it simple and easy that way. These ‘quick-added’ foods are not saved anywhere, it is just a quick, easy way to track the SmartPoint value of a food or combination of foods you already know.


Digital Tools Update

Our website recently got an update. In the upper right corner, you’ll now see “Account.” Click on the dropdown arrow and you’ll see options for Settings, Feedback, Help and Logout. Have questions about any of these? Ask me! Or chat with a Weight Watchers coach 24/7 and they’ll help you out, too.  


Browse Restaurants  

On your app, you can browse restaurants to see what is offered and what will fit into your plan. Just scroll to the bottom of the main page and tap “Browse Restaurants.” You can choose to browse by SmartPoints or restaurant name. On our website, simply type the restaurant name into the search bar. Take a bit of time to search before you get to the restaurant so you know what’s a good choice before you’re tempted. If you eat out often, be sure to add foods to your Favorites (tap the star) list so you can easily find them.   


Skill Builder:


Videos on Connect

We can now post videos and photos on Connect! That’s right! V-I-D-E-O-S!! What will you share?


Have you checked out Connect? It’s our members-only social media site within the Weight Watchers app and on the website. You can celebrate, share tips and get inspired with other Weight Watchers members.

On Connect you can post photos of that fantastically low in SP, but massive breakfast. You can see success stories and tips. You can follow people you want to keep up with and use hashtags (#) to connect posts with a common theme.

How to access it:

Mobile App- simply tap the icon at the bottom titled “Connect.”

Website- click on “Connect” at the top of the page.

From the mobile app, you can access all of the features. Currently, you can only view, like and comment on others’ posts online. You can’t create your own post on the website at this time.

Common things to do on Connect:

  • comment on posts – click the “comment bubble” on a post>the keyboard appears> begin typing
  • “like” other members’ posts – click the heart shape on a post
  • view other members’ public profiles – click on the member’s name to view his/her profile and all the posts from that member (if public)
  • “tag” other members to send a notification to view a post – click the “comment bubble”>keyboard appears> then enter the “@” symbol, followed by a user name
  • report inappropriate post or block another member’s posts from your feed – tap the 3 dots at the bottom of a post> a menu appears with choices of “block user” or “report as inappropriate”

What about Profiles?

Profile Privacy: There are two types of profiles on Connect – Public or Private.

If your account is Public, this means that your posts are visible to other WW members without specifically approving the other user as a follower. Other members can follow a public profile without needing approval.

If your account is Private, this means that your posts ARE NOT visible to other WW members without specifically approving the requesting user. Other members can request to follow a private member. The requesting user will not see any of your posts until they are approved by  you.

Age, gender, weight, and other personal information are always private.

That’s great, but how do I change my setting to be Public or Private? I’m glad you asked! There are 2 ways:

1) The first time you create a post, you are able to select your Privacy Setting. A message will appear telling you that your posts are public and you will have to select “Great! Keep my posts public” or “No thanks, keep my posts private.”

2)    Do the following:

a) Click on Profile icon from either My Day OR Connect Screen to reach Profile page.

b) From Profile page, click “pencil” icon to reach Edit Profile page.

c) On Edit Profile page, click Privacy Settings to choose Private or Public
Have questions about Connect? Bring them to our meeting.


To view Notifications:

Android – Tap the Bell icon in top right corner >Notifications will live here

iOS – from Connect home screen> tap “bell” icon in top left corner

  • You receive notifications for the following:
    • when another user likes your post
    • when another user comments on your post
    • When a user follows (or requests to follow) you
    • When another user mentions you in a comment or post
  • Tapping on the post icon or photo will take you to a view with only that post that you received the notification about.
  • Notifications cannot be deleted at this time
  • Notifications are not available on the Weight Watchers website. They’re only available on the app at this time.

Watch this space next week for more info about Connect!



Other Tools to Use:

  • 24/7 Expert Chat: Every Weight Watchers subscription(eTools) now includes instant access to one of our Weight Watchers-certified Coaches—anytime, anywhere and for any reason. You can chat with a Coach about anything you choose, including how to get started, get back on track, and stay motivated.
  • Personal Coaching: You can access a dedicated Weight Watchers-certified Coach trained to provide one-on-one support that is tailored to the your lifestyle and schedule. In unlimited Personal Coaching sessions, our Coaches help you understand the program, work with you on your personal goals, and help you to define a specific problem, develop an individualized solution, and, most importantly, create a customized action plan to achieve success