Joan’s Before and After

The day I reached my Weight Watchers Lifetime goal was Wednesday, March 10, 1993.  I lost 47 pounds.  That day changed my life!

I always had a weight problem from my elementary school days, where I was teased and called “Fat Albert,” to my college and corporate working days, where nothing looked nice on me because I was too large.

I started my journey with WW in 1984 and joined seven times.  Each time I joined, WW, I thought I would be able to do it on my own.  I never stayed for a meeting because I was too tired, had to work, errands to run, hungry and whatever other excuse I could use.  After my father passed away and I had a family, I realized the choices I made regarding eating, weight, physical activity, and overall health would affect me and my family for many years to come.  It was during that seventh time, when I joined a WW at-work program at EDS that my leader Ruth Ann and I clicked.  I could relate to her, and she made the meetings fun, but also informative.  Each meeting related to me and my weight struggles.  She shared her own issues and how she successfully managed to work through them and follow the program.  A real life example!  I remember her motto, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”  This became my motto.  Once I reached Lifetime, my life changed.  Ruth Ann convinced me to come and work for WW immediately.  I only did one meeting a week, but this allowed me to keep working and give back to the program, help others, and keep me on track too!

Losing the weight affected how I approach all aspects of my life:  family, career, health habits, behaviors, and emotional well-being.  My family benefits because of the healthy eating and active lifestyle we practice each day.  I have been working for WW for 16 years.  I work as a leader, receptionist, ambassador, mentor, territory manager assistant, and call center representative.  This is one of the most rewarding jobs:  to help others achieve their weight-loss successes. My overall health has benefited myself, my family, and my friends.  And, from an emotional standpoint, I am in control of my weight and my life.  I have an increase in self-esteem and confidence.  I always hid behind my weight and didn’t do anything.  I missed out on important or fun activities because of how self-conscious I was about my weight.  So, as you can see, just losing weight and remaining healthy has given me a life I enjoy.  When I talk to my members, I talk from the heart.  This isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life!

To also get an idea of what I felt when I was younger, here is a link to an article that was featured in Today’s Health & Wellness Magazine, January/Feburary 2002:

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Before 1986
After 2007

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