Stay tuned for more updates to when the additional studios and workshops will be opening.   It is awesome to see so many faces!!  Here are the directions to get to a virtual workshop either locally or national:

  1. You need to join a Connect group i.e.: Olathe, Prairie Village, Overland Park, etc.
  2. There will be a link to the local Virtual Workshop. There are 2 in Olathe, 2 in Overland Park, 2 in Merriam, and 1 in Prairie Village.
  1. You can click there and join the local virtual workshop through your phone or iPad.
  2. Or, copy/paste or type the link into your web browser (such as Google, Safari, etc.) on your computer.
  3. Or, go to the Zoom app on your computer an type in the 10 digit code.  
  4. Or, use the toll-free telephone number to join by audio. There will be an access code you will need in order to join in the virtual workshop.

As of Wednesday, 12/9, you can go to Workshop Finder in the app or on to browse
National Virtual Workshops by Coach profile, name, life stage, goals, or date and time.

We would love to see everyone!!  We encourage you to join audio and video to get the best experience.  It is totally up to you.  We and you need to join in!  Now, more than ever, we need to see each other!  Some members have been joining in with more than one workshop a week to help keep focused. 

My schedule is as follows:

            Wednesday:  Overland Park 6:00 pm with Cheryl and  I LIVE LIMITED ATTENDANCE WORKSHOP

            Friday:  Olathe 8:30 am with Jean and I LIVE LIMITED ATTENDANCE WORKSHOP

Friday:  Olathe 10:00 am with Jean and I LIVE LIMITED ATTENDANCE WORKSHOP

See you soon!

I am so excited about our new digital tools! I have been having so much fun playing with “What’s In Your Fridge?” and the “5-minutes Coachings.” Go and explore. I would also recommend you attend a Virtual App Academy Zoom workshop. I just attended one this morning. Click here to learn how to attend.

In order to keep connected during this social distancing time: I now have several opportunities in order for us to keep sharing and supporting each other:

Website: It is back!; To follow this website/blog, please select “Follow this blog” on the top right hand side of this page. You will receive a message that says “Congrats, you’re subscribed! You’ll get an email with the details of your subscription and an unsubscribe link”. You will see at the top of the email: Welcome to Joan’s WW Website! Click on that link, and you will be redirected to the webpage. There will be announcements, (very important), recipe of the week, new thought for the week, and other updates.

Connect: gunter01; I posted on all three Connect groups today, asking members to post their WHY based on last week’s technique. Would love to see your thoughts.

Facebook: WW Healthy Living with Joan; Be sure to share these three ways to stay connected with your fellow friends/members. We need to stick together!


I’m so thankful for the WW program and my WW fellow members who have joined me over the years on my wellness journey. Join me at a WW workshop this year & invite a friend to share the gift of health with the ones you love.  You get a free month and your friend gets a free month!! Click here


WW is having a Grilling Bonanza this summer. Check out this link to get top grilling tips and some great recipes. Also, be sure to check out the new grilling products in the studio. Some very cool tools!!


Next Week:  Switch Up Your Eating Routine



6/13 – 6/19: Save 30% on Summer Favorites! Plus, Spend $20, and Choose a Free Baking Mix.666

6/13 – 6/19: Get 2 boxes of select Crunchy Snacks for just $8 with code 2FOR8. Exclusions apply.
WW App – 6/14: Free Cookbook with $50 purchase
(Choose from Smartplants, Chocolate, or Lunch Plans). Use code LETSCOOK

  • Ongoing:
  • Free Shipping for $25+ orders
  • WW ShopCash – The more you spend, the more you earn.


Tuesday, 6/15 – Monday, 6/21: First 3 Months Free

Check out the latest new member offers! (Guest Site)

Tuesday, 6/15 – Monday, 6/21: First 3 Months Free!

Unlimited Workshops + Digital

1-month: $44.95 (Join for Free – JFF)

3-month LTC: $29.96/mo (JFF + 1 month free)

6-month LTC: $0 in months 1-3, $44.95/mo in months 4-6 (JFF + First 3 months free)


1-month: $21.95 (JFF)

3-month LTC: $14.63/mo (JFF + 1 month free)

6-month LTC: $0 in months 1-3, $21.95/mo in months 4-6 (JFF + First 3 months free)

Digital 360

1-month: $29.95 (JFF)

3-month LTC: $19.96/mo (JFF + 1 month free)

6-month LTC: $0 in months 1-3, $29.95/mo in months 4-6 (JFF + First 3 months free)

1-on-1 Coaching

1-month: $59.95 (JFF)

Flash Sales! Free The Mediterranean Table Cookbook with Select 3 and 6-month Plans!*

(All day through 11:59pm ET)

  • Wednesday, 6/16
  • Saturday, 6/19
  • Monday, 6/21

*Free cookbook will be sent within 3 weeks.

@wwofficial on Connect

Have you checked out @wwofficial on Connect? Now more than ever I recommend you go to Connect.  You will receive so many inspiring thoughts, links, friendships, connections, etc.  Please join your local Studio group and the Kansas City Group too!

Product Locator

Ever see a WW product and don’t know where to find?  You can visit our product locator. If you don’t see one of our products in your local store, please fill out this form. You can find the product locator on the “My Day” page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on “In Stores Near You” under “Discover.” Then select the orange “Product Locator” tab.

ATTENTION WW FOOD WARRIORS:  Go out and find your low SmartPoints food items and bring back to your workshop to share with everyone!  If you have a recent food, gadget, etc. that you feel the rest of the meeting would benefit from, please bring to your workshop.  I will let you share with the group!

Members who accessed WW through Workshops and the mobile app:

  • Lost more weight (19 lbs. in 6 months) than members who used one (9.3 lbs.) or two (9.5 lbs.) of these ways
  • Were more likely to feel satisfied with the program and with their own weight loss (regardless of how many pounds they actually lost) than members who used one or two of these tools
  • Kept coming to meetings longer than members who used one or two of these tools
  • Were more likely to encourage others to join than members who used one or two of these tools

So, the result of this is to stay for your workshops and use the app.  The tools used the most:  Mob ile app (84% of members), the Barcode Scanner app (61%), and the WW Mobile app for iPhone (51%). Members who use these tools report high levels of satisfaction and tend to use them daily. Example: Out of all the members who use the WW Mobile app for the iPhone, 73% are “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” and 72% use it every day.  So have some fun, log on!!

We will be seeing less of you next week!

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